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About Me


Hello, and welcome to my page!

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Syracuse University, working with the Lacustrine Rift Basin Research Group under the advisement of Dr. Christopher Scholz. My research interests are the geochemistry and sedimentology of non-marine carbonates, in particular those forming in lakes and hot springs. Because who wants to work on a beautiful tropical island when you can hang in a stinky lake or hot spring? 

Carbonate rocks are fascinating to me because their deposition is influenced by a complicated combination of physical, chemical, and biological factors. In non-marine settings, such as lakes, springs, rivers, and caves, we are still trying to understand just how these factors influence carbonate deposition in the very diverse depositional environments we find on the continents. And because non-marine carbonates can be extremely valuable temporal records of paleoenvironmental conditions, understanding how they form in specific environments is critical to making more robust interpretations of the past.

I am also passionate about geoscience education and outreach, and have spent my last two summers teaching with the amazing geoscience outreach program GeoFORCE Texas. Scientists need to do a better job of communicating just how amazing our planet is to the general public, and that starts with teaching our students how much fun science is!